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Roof repair services are very important for home!

Mr Roof is well-known as a family-run establishment with over two decades of in-depth on-the-job experience. The founder, Mr Liew (also known as Ah Kok), started as a carpenter who specialized in roof structures in Dong Fang. He learnt his specific skillset from an experienced master in this roof repair services field.

After several years of apprenticeship under this master, Mr Liew became an all-round contractor as he wanted to grow his income to provide for his growing family. During his 10-year journey as a trusted contractor, he realised that there was an increasing number of requests for roofing contractors from the public and his customers. Since he is ably skilled to offer one-stop roofing services, he shifted his focus to roofing work upon receiving a steady number of engagements.

In 2013, his son, Daniel, returned from Singapore to seek for job opportunities. It was then that Mr Liew invited his son to join him and grow the business together. That way, the business will also be able to provide better customer service to all customers. Many hands make light work, definitely!

Daniel takes charge of sales and marketing, and has been quickly picking up the technical side of the roofing trade to ensure that the particular set of skills stays within the family and also the company.

Mr Roof is all about the customers and providing customers with the best one-stop roofing value. Want to know more about our credentials? Just give us a call!

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