MKL Asia Corporation

Block E, unit 3, 2nd floors,
Pengkalan Gadong Complex,
Batu Bersurat Gadong BE3719,
Negara Brunei Darussalam

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MKL, Morgan Khoo limited, has been servicing the South East Asia and China paving market since 2001. supplying product, licencing and training to contractors throughout these areas for over 15 years now. MKL has established themselves as the main authority on pavement coatings and stamping. especially on asphalt and heavy traffic surfaces. MKL has worked closely with government , landscapers , developers and local authorities to make sure that the ideal planning and execution of projects is at an unsurpassed level.

Our goal is to maximise financial benefits from the installation of StreetPrint and StreetBond over more traditional methods such as brick pavers. while maintaining the aesthetic appeal. MKL backs the products they supply and the contractors they licence 100% so you can have absolute confidence in your new pavement.

Company NameMKL Asia Corporation
Phone Number+673 2454110
+673 2454136
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