Shopping is definitely one of the favourite things that we Malaysians love to do, the other being enjoying delicious food. Pay a quick visit to some local shopping malls on weekends, festive seasons and holidays, you will easily find tonnes of people shopping from their favourite stores. In fact, you could potentially spend upwards of 30 minutes just to find a parking spot during peak hours.

While that doesn’t deter Malaysians from flocking to malls especially on a hot sunny day, one shopping mall is trying to do something different. One Utama is the largest shopping mall in Malaysia, with millions of visitors annually. By size, it is also the 7th largest shopping mall in the WORLD!

It is also one of the most popular shopping malls due to a large variety of stores, restaurants and entertainment outlets. In fact, they have expanded twice, introducing the New Wing and also District K. That aside, One Utama is also now the first shopping mall to go online in Malaysia. You heard that right, One Utama is now available online!

ONESHOP was conceived to introduce a new way of shopping for Malaysians. For shoppers who prefer to avoid the weekend crowd, or for shoppers who simply want to enjoy laying on their couch, ONESHOP is the perfect choice. ONESHOP offers the same shopping experience as One Utama, which is unparalleled compared to other online shopping platforms.

On the other side of things, the real world is facing unprecedented challenges. People are facing a pandemic like no other, and many more are wary of being outdoors during such trying times. ONESHOP arrives as a panacea to all your shopping desires. While you may be forced to stay indoors for health safety purposes, it doesn’t mean that you should give up shopping at your favourite store.

Other than being an online shopping mall, shoppers can rest assured that they will be able to get the full experience, just like shopping in person. Fulfilment Services such as Click & Carry, Curbside Pickup, Free Delivery,and Extensive Customer Service and Warranty Commitments are provided to further ease and provide shoppers a seamless online shopping experience.

One thing is for sure, ONESHOP has just changed the way Malaysians view shopping. Are they the pioneers of a new era, only time will tell. Find out more about ONESHOP here!

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