The use of heavy vehicles requires a thorough understanding of the types of vehicles required in construction systems and projects. We have been in the construction industry for decades and have rented equipment and other team services in the area. Today we focus on heavy equipment in the construction services sector. Here are some of the common ones that are always a popular choice!

Heavy truck

Heavy trucks are designed to carry large equipment up to 60 tons. The biggest advantage of heavy trucks is that they can handle a wide variety of large loads, making them ideal for mining and construction companies.

Tower crane

A crane is a good choice for projects that require the material to be lifted or lowered vertically. Like forklifts, there are cranes of various sizes, from engines with a lifting capacity of 10 tons to engines with a lifting capacity of 450 tons.

Excavator cranes

Excavators for large transport services are the most important tool for digging large mines on open construction sites. It can also be used to demolish buildings to prepare the site. It has articulated sleeves with buckets at the ends and offers flexibility during construction.

Wheel loaders/bucket loaders

These heavy haulage vehicles, also known as a wheel loader, bucket or bucket, are designed to transport equipment and materials from one place to another over a short distance. It can also be used to move equipment or materials from one vehicle to another when a fast and comfortable ride is required. You will see forklifts used to build highways and similar road structures.


Forklifts are mainly used in warehouses to move heavy goods from one factory site to another. The narrow workplace has a simple and easy lifting mechanism to ensure safety. Forklifts also come in various sizes and larger models are generally used in construction projects to lift heavy objects and haul debris around the workshop.

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