A distinctive and attractive exhibition booth is able to capture attention and create a long-lasting impression. While you might be limited as to what you can do, there are plenty of ways you can make your booth stand out among your competitors. At tradeshows, first impressions do count. An instantly-recognizable and distinct design are sure to attract attendees. Here are some tips to help with your exhibition booth design regardless if you are building or renting one.

Maximize space

Tradeshows and exhibitions are mostly held within indoor venues. This means that your booth size may be limited by certain restrictions and regulations. Before you plan anything, get the precise dimensions that you have to work with. Try to make sure that you do not place too many obstacles which may make the booth look cramped up. Keep it airy so that attendees will feel more comfortable while browsing your booth.

The taller the better

With most indoor venues, organizers usually set a maximum height for booths. While many halls have high ceilings, check if you have maximum booth height limitations. Going taller means that attendees are able to spot your booth easily. By incorporating attractive signs, lighting or even props, you can easily catch the attention of attendees as soon as they step foot into the exhibition hall.


The colour and brightness that you choose for your lighting plays with the psychology of attendees. Having eye-popping vibrant colours usually show that your company is dynamic and exciting. Clean white lighting shows more professionalism and is usually used by corporate companies. Lighting can also help to enhance and highlight areas that you want to show attendees such as a new product or service.


Don’t be afraid of trying out new materials when constructing your exhibition booth. The right material used can be amazing at representing your company. For example, a tech company will benefit from having brushed aluminium or chrome-plated finishes. If you are selling ceramics, incorporating ceramics and matte finishes can be amazing at showcasing your core products. If you are getting a booth from an exhibition booth contractor, do check if they are able to commission the booth according to your specifications.


Just like reading a presentation slide, text is best used minimally. Use only keywords and avoid oversaturating your booth with unnecessary text. Be professional when choosing your fonts and get something that is clear and easy to read. Keep it short and simple so that people will actually try and read. A good idea here is to use catchy slogans to attract people.

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