Hospitals are undeniably disliked by many people, yet it’s the only place that can save your life in terms of an emergency. A good hospital guarantees a lifetime care for your health, so it’s important to make sure that you are in good hands.
Sri Kota Medical is a private hospital that was established in 1997 in Malaysia. Sri Kota is a MSQH accredited Hospital. We are the first MSQH Accredited Tertiary Private Hospital in Klang. Sri Kota was awarded with a full 3-year MSQH accreditation from 12 Nov 2011 to 11 Nov 2014 and subsequently a full 4-year extension until November 2018, after having successfully undergone the MSQH 4th Edition Survey (2nd Cycle).

Fulfilling the stringent requirements by the, this accreditation is a guarantee of being on par with the highest hospital standards. Quality and international benchmarking, patient safety, infection prevention and control and patient satisfaction are the core strategies used by Sri Kota to keep its healthcare quality in check.

Monitoring more than 200 quality indicators and benchmarking against international standards are ways in which Sri Kota Medical assesses its own performance. Apart from that, they strongly underline patient safety during their treatment at the hospital. This includes protecting patients from healthcare-associated infections that can induce serious harm to them. Thus, the staff also goes the extra mile to reinforce the hospital’s infection prevention and control team to keep you safe. Sri Kota Medical truly values feedback from patients, based on their experience before, during and after their treatment there. Patient satisfaction is a crucial guideline for the improvisation of standards, so as to better service you in the future.

Medical services

Offering healthcare services from A to Z, patients at Sri Kota Medical can rest assured that their health will be entirely taken care of by the hospital. From the smallest tests to major surgeries, they has got you covered.
In our busy daily lives, sometimes we tend to be oblivious to things that matters most to us, like our health. In fact, the healths of people close to us matter a lot too. Sri Kota Medical helps to take good care of you and your family members by offering various health screening packages. Wellness screening, health screening, heart screening, blood screening, fertility screening etc are some of the packages that they can provide to its patients. Those who require a basic check-up can opt for the Women/ Men Basic or Women/ Men Wellness package which cover all the fundamental tests. Older people who have a high risk in coronary diseases should go for heart screening, blood screening or stroke screening as a safety measure. If the doctors detect something unusual in the tests, they will be able to take action immediately without further delays. An early detection increases the chance of saving a life.

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