When thinking about home, it is the place where your body rests on a comfortable bed while reading your favourite book with good lighting. Physiologically lighting design can be one of the important in a home that can affect a person’s mood. Choosing the best interior lighting design can be quite a hard decision to make due to many choices of design in the market. Today we will to you tips on choosing the right home interior lighting design for you home:


If you start from scratch or want to make renovation for your house, create a mini lighting plan. Think about what kind of activity takes place in each of the rooms, the feature of the room that you want to highlight and what kind of architecture limitation that you need to consider. Consider what kind of style, scale, the colour temperature of the light with your lighting design suppliers that fit with your home architecture design. Avalon Malaysia provide the best quality of lighting and design, find them at Home Living Exhibition.


Before you plan to buy interior lighting for your home, consider what kind of task that will take place in each room. Kitchen cooking usually requires centered lighting, thus it is preferable to have a combination of bright downlights and recessed lighting. Bedrooms are preferable to have an overhead light source and table lamps that are not too bright especially for reading.


Other than design, the light bulb also is one of the important things that you need to take into consideration for home interior lighting. You should consider the following before you buy a light bulb :


  • How bright or watts do you need for your space?
  • What color temperature of light you are looking for.
  • Energy-saving efficient.


Keep theme, shading, and material predictable all through the home, particularly with regards to lighting. An excessive number of various designs all through the home can be befuddling on the eye and will cause anxiety. Unbiased, lighter tones will open up space and cause it to seem bigger, pop of shading will add interest, while darker tints add a dash of extravagance and comfort. Keep it simple and consistent.

The right lighting can affect space in your home. When done well, it lends the perfect atmosphere to help your design shine, but if it’s done poorly, it can take away from your chosen aesthetic, even your mood as well. If you’re ready to take your lighting to the next level, come and visit lighting fair exhibition at HOMEs where best brand of lighting gather here.

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