Hardware products are widely used in many industries, such as construction, oil and gas, water treatment facilities, refineries etc. If you are in need of hardware products, there are various hardware shops in Malaysia that can offer you a range of products such as valves, gaskets, butt weld fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings and many more. Our hardware suppliers in Malaysia will be able to offer you a myriad of products for all your needs.

Flanges supplier in Malaysia

You can find many suppliers for flanges in Malaysia, such as OTG Tech (Asia) Sdn Bhd. Selling more than 15 kinds of flanges in Southeast Asia, OTG Tech is sure to have something that you need for your business. Below is a list of some of the flanges that they provide to customers:

Weld neck flange

A weld neck piping is mostly used in process piping, usually in industries like paper mills, petroleum refineries, textile factories etc. OTG Tech offers weld neck flanges in carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex/ s-duplex steel, copper and others. From sizes 1/2” to 24”, these flanges are all available at their store.

Blind flange

A blind flange is used with other flanges to stop the flow of fluids and prevent leakage. It also functions to disconnect and seal pipes. 1/16” is the standard height for blind pipes with ratings below 400# whenever a raised face is required. On the other hand, the 1/4” would be used for 400# and above.

Threaded flange

Threads in this type of flange is used to match a male thread attached to the pipe. The threaded flange offers a simple process compared to other type of flanges, but it can work under high-pressure conditions. However, it does not work in extreme temperatures and it isn’t flexible.

Pipe supplier in Malaysia

Being one of the leading pipe suppliers in Malaysia, Sin Shun Huat Hardware & Trading Sdn Bhd offers numerous types of pipes to their customers. Contributing to major steel, heavy machinery and palm oil industries in Malaysia, Sin Shun Huat is known for providing high-quality and durable hardware products to its wide customer base. Some of the pipes that Sin Shun Huat offers are:

Seamless pipe

Seamless pipes do not have welded joints at the cross-section, hence it’s just a smooth surface without any seams. Because of that, they do not have the tendency to crack when used under high pressure. Seamless pipes are also lighter and thinner than others, making them easier to be transported. They are more expensive compared to welded pipes.

G.I. pipe

G.I. pipes contain carbon steel, which is a common material used to manufacture many kinds of pipes. Water sewage, oil and gas transmissions and the automotive industry require the usage of G.I. pipes. Having 20 years in the steel industry, Sin Shun Huat provides carbon steel pipes in Malaysia that are best suited for your needs.

PVC pipe

PVC pipe is a common type of hardware used in many industries in Malaysia and around the world. Both Schedule 40 PVC and Schedule 80 PVC are sold at Sin Shun Huat, hence you can purchase from them if you need any. It depends on whether you need a pipe with a thicker wall like the Schedule 80 PVC, or a thinner one like the Schedule 40 PVC.

Valve supplier

Looking for a valve supplier in Malaysia? OTG Tech (Asia) Sdn Bhd is one of the leading valve suppliers in the local industry, selling valves, gaskets, pipe and fittings etc to customers in Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. The valves that OTG offers include hexagon ball valve, check valve and Union Bonnet Needle Valve.

Hexagon ball valve

OTG Tech’s 2-way hexagon ball valve is compact and designed for a ¼ quick turn-on/ turn-off control. Its stainless steel lever handle is colour-coated with a low operating torque. It is able to handle up to 1000psi in pressure rating, suitable for industries like fuel lines and heavy vehicles.

Check valve

After a 100% overall factory test on cracking and reseating, this check valve is safe to be used. The O-Ring included together ensures the seal is tight to prevent leakages. OTG Tech’s check valve handles a maximum pressure of 3000 psig, and a temperature as high as 375˚F (190˚C).

Union Bonnet Needle Valve

The OTG D-Lok Union Bonnet Needle Valve is made of 316L Stainless Steel, Alloy 400 and Alloy C-276. The temperature rating for the needle valve with PTFE ranges from -65 to 450˚F (-54 to 232˚C); for Grafoil packing it reaches a maximum temperature of 1200 ˚F. OTG Tech supplies this needle valve to international markets as well.

Butt weld fittings

Chuan Foong Hardware Sdn Bhd supplies stainless steel butt weld fittings to its clients in Malaysia. Besides butt weld fittings, Chuan Foong Hardware offers high-quality pipes and flanges as well. Among the butt weld fittings that they provide are:

Long Radius 90ºElbow

The Long Radius 90ºElbow can be used to connect pipes of different diameters, and it functions to change directions of fluid flow. The welded butt weld fittings come in sizes from 1/2” to 24”. Make sure to check on the measurements before you make a purchase.


Reducers are required when there is a change in pipe sizes, especially when transporting fluid from a pipe with a larger inner diameter to one with a smaller inner diameter. Chuan Foong Hardware offers concentric reducers and eccentric reducers, so you can purchase them according to your needs.


Tees help to create a branch-off from the main pipe in liquid transportation. There are straight tees and reducing tees when it comes to piping. The branch size of a straight tee is similar to its run-pipe, whereas the branch size of a reducing tee is smaller than its run-pipe. Tees are resistant to corrosion, hence they can be used in various chemical industries

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