Since decades ago, marketers have already found out about the power of advertising. Advertising, when done the right way, is able to help companies gain millions of profit after a period of campaigning. Although digital advertising seems to be taking over, but traditional advertising still stands strong in today’s marketing world. So, how does each traditional advertising method help marketers in the current time?


Billboard advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising in the world. Billboard advertising is placed everywhere in Malaysia, as seen in small towns and big cities. All kinds of products are being advertised on the billboards along highways or anywhere with traffic. Billboard advertising targets a great range of people from different backgrounds and profiles. Marketers who target areas with high traffic are likely to get a higher return on investment. Imagine this: people who travel on the same road or path everyday will have the chance to take a look at the advertised product. Gradually, the mind starts to get familiar with the item and eventually your target market will have the tendency to buy the product.

Hence, billboard advertising is self-regulating – customers will find you because they are constantly reminded by the ad on the big billboard. This form of advertising is useful for creating brand awareness in the market. Furthermore, its exposure to a diverse market gives them a large increase in sales in a short time. The cost of billboard advertising may be high, but if the results are effective, marketers know that this type of investment is going to be worth it.

Flyers & Newspaper Insertion

Although flyers may seem small and insignificant, they are actually very useful in many ways. Unlike billboards, flyers help marketers to close the distance between the advertisement and the audience. By delivering this directly into the hands of your target market, you’re making sure that they see it, thus increasing the chances of them making a move for your product or service. Flyers can be easily produced within a short amount of time. A flyer, when needed urgently, can be created under 1 to 2 hours. After they get printed, they can be distributed on the day itself.

Flyer distribution services are popular in Malaysia, and they are very cost-effective as well. Therefore, flyer distribution is a good marketing strategy for smaller companies with a lower budget. Despite that, the flyer design has to be eye-catching in order to grab your target audience’s attention. Otherwise, they’ll easily end up in the bin without even being glanced at. It’s wise to distribute flyers at places where there is a continuous stream of pedestrians. This way, you’ll be able to hand them out to a large number of people. Newspaper insertions are also a way to reach your audience directly at their doorstep. Flyers and newspaper insertions also enable your audience to have something physical to hold on to wherever they go, without having to stop to take a look.

Banner and Buntings

Banners and buntings are still widely found in Malaysia, especially in areas with a high population such as KL. Buntings can be hung in various places, be it indoors or outdoors, there’s always a spot for your bunting advertisement. Indoor buntings can be used for parties, book-signing events, exhibitions etc. These banners are placed indoors to attract attention and to invite potential market to join the event. The design is up to the marketer when it comes to bunting printing, but it’s best to insert colours that represent your company, so that the bunting is recognisable by anyone. Bunting stands are a great option as well because you can place them anywhere as long as the ground is even.

Banner printing is also a common service used by marketers for advertising purposes. They are usually hung up outdoors at locations where it is easily visible. Banners that are strategically placed tend to catch the attention of many people, which may lead to a higher profit for companies. This popular advertising method also brings in many new, untargeted audiences due to the great exposure they get from passersby of different profiles. Additionally, companies and organisations can always choose to reuse the banners because they are so durable, specifically those made of waterproof materials.


Maybe you haven’t thought about this, but stickers can make good marketing tools as well. You can get sticker printing services from many companies based in KL, where you are free to customize your sticker designs with the help of the professionals.

Customised wall stickers are usually more flexible than other traditional advertising methods such as billboards, posters and flyers. Sticker providers are able to print them in different shapes and sizes, including alphabets and numbers. If you have a store with big glass windows or big glass doors, glass or wall stickers are a great way to attract customers. For example, glass stickers placed on restaurant or café windows are able to attract passersby to visit the store. Additionally, if you’re selling decorative items, glass stickers and wall stickers may stir up the interest in your customers as well.

For stores that are located on higher levels, glass stickers that are facing high-traffic areas is a way of advertising your product or services as well. Cars driving by or people walking past your store from a distance will easily notice your sticker, and thus notice your store. Aside from that, wall stickers that emphasise on the company’s values can be installed as well. If clients are always visiting your office, the wall sticker image will eventually be stuck in their minds, so they are constantly reminded of your organisation.

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