Starting your own F&B outlet is exciting, but it can be frustrating as well when you have so many things to handle all at once. Venue, size of shop, interior design, kitchen equipment et cetera are just parts of the package. Of course, when it comes to F&B outlets, the most important part is still the kitchen, where food preparation happens. In order for a restaurant, café or bar to function, firstly you’d have to get the right kitchen equipment for its backbone operations. How do you select the best commercial kitchen equipment for your business in Malaysia?

Cooking equipment

Before you begin restaurant operations, it’s important to have a plan. This plan will include your signature dishes, or the type of food that brings in the most profit. Hence, your chefs are expected to cook this group of food most frequently compared to other dishes on the menu. Let’s say your signature items are deep-fried food. Then, it’s probably best to invest in a premium-grade deep fryer that guarantees quality and durability. Second-hand items may be an option, but purchasing new commercial kitchen cooking equipment is always a safer bet. Seeing that a new equipment has a longer life than an old one, it’s definitely better to get them in their brand new form.
If you plan to purchase commercial kitchen equipment, you need to find a reliable kitchen equipment supplier in Malaysia. A brand new kitchen equipment comes in its best condition, with a warranty period that guarantees it functions for a certain period. Besides, new products do not constantly need maintenance, saving you some downtime in operations. Buying new F&B equipment in Malaysia also ensures that the product is perfectly clean, hence eliminating the possibilities of any kind of contamination.


It doesn’t matter what type of food you’re selling, most of the time F&B outlets will require storage units like commercial refrigerators. It’s even more important for F&B operators in Malaysia to get refrigerators because the hot and humid weather will easily spoil any kind of food. As a responsible F&B operator, you need to ensure your ingredients are always kept fresh. Fresh ingredients guarantee the safety of your food and its consumers, in the absence of bacteria, fungus, or mould that can cause harm to people’s health.
Decide on the size and type of refrigerator depending on the type of food you’re going to store. For instance, if you’re going to store big portions of fish, poultry, vegetables etc, it’s important to get a bigger refrigerator. Based on the kitchen space, you can opt for horizontal or vertical refrigerators such as the SKT SF-128-S Single Door Chest Freezer Series and SKT SC-1500-FW Vertical Three Door Upright Chiller Showcase Series respectively, both sold by Tien Tien Enterprise Sdn Bhd.
Additionally, you can purchase an energy-efficient refrigerator from various kitchen equipment suppliers in Malaysia. It’s a better option given that there will be frequent opening and closing of the fridge, which increases the use of energy. An energy-efficient refrigerator saves your business a great sum of money in the long run, while saving the environment.

Ice maker

A food-catering outlet that serves a wide range of beverages and desserts will require the use of ice on a daily basis. If the outlet has a high table turnover rate, it is likely to require a large amount of ice each day. Ordering packets of ice from suppliers can be cheap, but troublesome at the same time. When you order many packets of ice, you’ll need to have sufficient refrigerator space to store them. Sometimes, due to factors like traffic or understaffing, the supplier won’t be able to deliver the ice on time. Aside from that, your restaurant may land in great chaos once you run out of ice, where you’ll have to order again.
Investing in an ice maker machine is ideal for large F&B operators. That way, ice is constantly produced and you don’t have to worry about its insufficiency. Kitchen Arena offers various ice maker machine models for small to large food caterers in Malaysia. From machines that produce 140kg of ice per day to 910kg of ice per day, Kitchen Arena has it all in store for food caterers. These stainless steel ice machines are durable and of high-quality, which is meant to last you for years. Of course, this includes regular maintenance service in order to keep them constantly in good condition.


There is no way of leaving out stainless steel worktables when you’re operating a commercial kitchen. Stainless steel worktables are useful for all sorts of work in the kitchen. Be it chopping meat, cleaning vegetables or rolling out flour, you can always do these chores on the worktable. The tiered worktables have 2 functions, as you can store items at the bottom levels while you work with the uppermost tier. Hui Dat Trading Sdn Bhd is one of the major suppliers in Malaysia of stainless steel worktables, offering a range of high-grade stainless steel tables and countertops for commercial kitchens. They come in different sizes and are multi-tiered as well, providing you with more selections for your restaurant.
If you prefer getting a custom-made stainless steel worktable to suit your specifications, you can get them from a list of kitchen equipment suppliers in Malaysia as well. As the boss of your own restaurant, you get to determine the size and the design of the worktable according to your kitchen needs. Furthermore, your preferred worktable can be made to suit whatever kitchen space that’s available.

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