Cariinfo blog today reveals 6 useful tips before purchasing steam iron. A steam iron uses superheated water to remove wrinkles in garments and fabrics that are not suitable for traditional dry ironing. Distilled water is usually poured into a reservoir and converted into steam by special heating elements. This hot mist exits through a series of holes in the soleplate (lower heating element) of the iron. While the steam loosens the individual fibers of the clothes, the ironing action of the steam iron smoothest the wrinkles.

purple steam iron from Milux
Image taken from Milux’s Website

1.Choose irons with automatic temperature cut-off. Most modern irons have this feature. So, if you have an old iron, you should replace it.

2.Some modern irons have an energy-saving function that turns off the iron when it is not used for 10-15 minutes. This is also good for safety reasons.

3.Minimize the use of the iron by:

a. Spinning less when using a washing machine.

b. Hang clothes to dry using hangers, as clothes are less likely to wrinkle when dried on hangers.

4.Set the thermostat properly when ironing. Extremely high temperatures are not good for the laundry, nor are they good for your electric bill.

5.Do not iron wet garments and do not put water on the garments before ironing.

6. Turn off the iron when you have only one or two cloths left to iron.

Check out Milux for high-quality steam irons, whose models have a rotating mechanism that allows you to adjust the intensity of the steam produced. The consistency of the steam is also an important factor. Once the water is superheated, the steam should be uniform and have a certain force. Effective steaming means that the individual fibers are penetrated and not just the surface is wetted. Contact Milux to get the best steam iron in Malaysia, they also sells kitchen appliances, gas appliances, fan series, home appliances and more.

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