Are you a parent or soon to be one? Looking for more ways to unlock your child’s education and abilities? Shichida Method invites every parent to discover their child’s special potential with them with their right brain development classes made available in both Singapore and Malaysia. Shichida Method has been a leader in right brain development courses since 1999 by one Prof Shichida. In the past 22 years of their brain development classes, children from both Singapore and Malaysia have unlocked unbelievable qualities that shocked parents, scientists, educators, and world leaders. The progress of their education and brain development was outstanding.

The Shichida Method™ right brain development classes aim to unlock the best abilities and potential in their children through fun and engaging whole-brain strategies and learning. The classes are done by boosting the available innate abilities in children. The brain development courses are available in three levels, basic, advanced, and elite. The brain development courses are also for children aged between their infancy all the way to the teenage years. The children in Shichida Method course are provided with a variety of specially designed activities and learning methods that are dedicated to boost their learning abilities alongside the formal education as they grow. Through the right brain development classes, parents are able to closely observe their child’s growth and development and understand their child’s strengths to provide the best option of supplementary brain activities.

As the best mind development centre in Singapore and Malaysia, the three levels of curated age-based brain development activities can help accelerate the development of your child’s brain. The lessons and materials are provided in small classes. The advanced brain training classes further develop the brain after the basic brain training foundation years by focusing on personality enrichment as well as complex activities in weekly small classes that strengthens every learning scope a child goes through. To achieve the deepest understanding of their brain development, an elite level course is specially curated with Shichida Method’s proprietary techniques aimed at strengthening the heart of child to learn with both ease and determination. Try out the best brain development centre in Singapore and Malaysia today!

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