Are you a fan of soy milk? Some people always prefer soy milk over other types of milk as they find soy milk more delicious and some people also choose soy milk as a replacement for ordinary dairy milk. It is definitely hard to say no to soy milk when you are a big fan of it. 

But are you aware that most of the soy milk that is currently available in the market contains many unhealthy ingredients like preservatives, chemicals, gluten and many other ingredients which will bring bad effects to your health if consumed too much? It is important for you to reconsider choosing only soy milk that contains organic soybeans like what Love Earth offers, as a better option to drink your favourite soy milk.


As soy milk is also a great source of antioxidants and proteins, soy milk brings many great benefits to your health. Besides, drinking soy milk, it can also help you in controlling your hormones, lower the risk of breast cancer and most importantly it is great to dissolve fats and cholesterol in your body!

Soy milk is also very nutritious for your kids in order to provide calcium support for their bones and teeth. Then, let’s say if you are a bodybuilder, soy milk can help you especially in body recovery as it contains not only carbohydrates but also protein. Hence, we can say that there are various benefits that you can get from drinking soy milk.

Next, have you ever wondered how to make soya milk at home without using the traditional method or a soy milk maker? Love Earth provides the best organic soybean powder that will make your life easier in preparing soy milk as all you need to do is just add it with water. It is not only easy to make, but it will save your precious time too!

This organic soybean powder is fully organic as it was made from organic ingredients with no gluten, dairy and GMO. You can now have your favourite gluten-free soy milk drink which is free from sugar and preservative that is beneficial for your health due to its high content of protein.

Get healthy drinks in Malaysia like this organic soybean powder from Love Earth today. Love Earth is a company that provides various ranges of healthy products that can help to improve both you and your family’s health.

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