A diesel pump usually refers to the mechanical equipment that is used to transfer or pump gasoline and fuel from a skid tank or oil drum into a carburetor, engine, or machinery. The diesel pump is sometimes referred to as a diesel injection pump or fuel injection pump. This complex equipment consists of an injection pump, a fuel line, and also a nozzle.

While a diesel pump is mainly used for pumping out diesel fuel, a fuel pump is used for pumping out gasoline instead. Although they differ in the oil being pumped out, they are almost mechanically similar and work the same way. Both diesel and gasoline engines operate by internal combustion using a mixture of fuel and air which is ignited to give power to the machine or vehicle, however diesel engines do not ignite the diesel fuel with spark but it uses compressed air instead. When the air inside the engines are compressed, it creates heat that ignites the fuel. This makes the pressure inside the engine rise which then briefly raises the cylinders. This is why diesel engines do not require a spark plug like normal gasoline engines do.

Due to the nature of diesel fuel being a much thicker and heavier fuel mixture than other fuels like gasoline, it is less volatile which increases the need for a diesel pump. The importance of using a high-quality diesel pump should not be overlooked. The Piusi diesel pump is one of the best industry standard pumps for diesel fuels.

Electronic pumps are one of the most common pumps used in the industry mainly thanks to the convenience it provides. It is very compact and easy to install for transferring diesel fuel to engines. Electronic type fuel pumps can also transfer fuel at faster rates. The other type of fuel pumps are hand pumps which are for manual operation. The Piusi hand pump is a rotary Inox certified hand pump for transferring diesel with manufacturing tolerances made with wear-resistant materials that are guaranteed to provide long term operational usage. It provides another form of convenience as hand pumps are more portable and quicker to use but it transfers slower than electronic pumps.

Diesel engines require a substantial amount of diesel fuel and if your industry uses machinery or vehicles with diesel engines then it’s crucial to engage with an industrial diesel supplier to make the refueling process much more efficient. Diesel suppliers also provide flow meters, diesel pumps, transfer sets, dispenser sets, hand pumps, nozzles and more on top of supplying diesel fuel.

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