The pharmaceutical industry in Malaysia has been growing rapidly in the past decade. A thriving pharmaceutical industry is vital, especially in times of pandemic like the recent year. It helps in maintaining the country’s healthcare structure and ensures that medicines are affordable to all levels of society. 

Quality Control

Equally important is the quality of the medicine administered and to maintain the quality of the drugs, the role of pharmaceutical testing and analysis laboratories come into the picture. These laboratories are responsible for assessing the effectiveness of potentially therapeutic drugs. 

Pharmaceutical analysis, when developing a drug begins, from identifying and qualifying potential new drug candidates. The chemical composition and molecular structure of each substance contained in medication or supplement is individually identified and tested. The insights gained are used to gauge the effectiveness and the safety aspect of the drugs. Pharmaceutical testing can also help infer the ability of the medicine or supplement to reach the targeted area of the body. Additionally, pharmaceutical and supplement testing are used to determine possible contamination in the production process or in the formulation. 

Sensitivities and Suitability of Packaging Material

The packaging of drugs and supplements has to be suitable for the type of substances used in formulating them. There are substances that are sensitive to exposures, therefore, the packaging has to take into account the sensitivities and safety requirements. A thorough analysis of the packaging suitability is essential in the industry and a pharmaceutical testing lab can conduct the test for the industry players. 

Being a highly regulated industry, pharmaceutical analysis is essential to ensure that the newly developed drugs comply with the health and safety regulations. A pharmaceutical and supplement testing lab can work hand in hand with the industry players to ensure that drugs that enter the market are safe, effective and well-regulated. 

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