Trade is borderless. For centuries human beings have been travelling across countries for trade activities. As we evolve, so did the rules and regulations. Today, with better governance and tighter border controls, import and export activities are heavily regulated and this poses greater logistical challenges to businesses, especially the small-time traders. 

Juggling all the permits, certifications, restrictions and security requirements can be overwhelming, this is where knowledgable and experienced third-party intermediaries come in. These intermediaries are able to help importers and exporters navigate through custom officials, laws and taxes. They will also ensure that any unplanned interruptions are resolved as quickly as possible so that there will not be any delays in delivery. 

Importer of Record Services (IoR services)

Importer of Records (IoR) is required to be a registered entity within the country they want to import to. They are responsible to ensure that all the documentation to meet import requirements are complete and all the duties and taxes are paid. In short, IoR services are provided by individuals or a legal entity to ensure that all goods imported are in accordance with the destination country’s customs legislation. 

Exporter of Record Services (EoR services)

Similar to IoR services, Exporter of Records (EoR) is required to be a registered entity in the country. They are responsible to ensure that exported goods are in accordance with local and international export legislation of the destination country, including ensuring that the export compliance documentation and processes are adhered to and all the duties and taxes are paid. 

IoR EoR Logistics

Choosing the right IoR EoR Logistics provider will give importers and exporters peace of mind as they will ensure that the consignment arrives safely in the destination country. This will allow businesses to expand without worrying about the nitty-gritty of the various checks, regulatory requirements, delays, potential fines or other unprecedented issues.

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