If you are an IT professional looking for a career enhancement, data engineering can be a field to consider. But, first, let’s look at whether your interest and the requirements for becoming a data engineer is aligned. 

What does it take to become a Data Engineer?

Attending a data engineering course offered by vendors such as Arcitura can be really helpful in pursuing this career but your interest in a large-scale system, huge amounts of data and creating efficiencies is equally important. 

If the thought of handling terabytes of RAM, managing and autoscaling pipeline and handling traffic fluctuations excites you, you are at the right place. 

So, what will you be doing as a data engineer? 

Like engineers who design and build machinery, equipment and buildings, data engineers also design and build. But, in data engineering, you will be designing and building infrastructure and pipelines to transform raw data into usable data and transport them to end-users including data scientists. These pipelines collect data from various sources and channel them to a single warehouse where the data is treated as a single source of truth

Why the sudden interest in data engineering?

Many companies are experiencing a digital transformation. In the past decade, we have witnessed the emergence of digitally-driven applications in the likes of ride-sharing apps and food delivery apps among others. The world also become more AI and the Internet of Things driven. All these developments have created a data-rich world and increased the need for someone to create an infrastructure to organise and manage this data.

Data Engineering in Malaysia

Having realised the importance of data engineering certifications, there are many IT training providers offering data engineering course and the simplified and structured syllabus can help you gauge your skills and interest. Obtain Arcitura’s data engineering certification from a qualified IT training provider and you will be guided to excel in the field of data engineering. 

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