If you have a application project, the right set of fasteners ensures work efficiency and you should consider the scope and features of your project to determine which fastener works best. This is important to make sure your work works efficiently and is properly connected to your application. Your project should use different types of fasteners to keep your application running smoothly, such as nuts, bolts, and fasteners are always used.

Choose the right types of fastener to application


Screws are great for holding two materials together. The threads grab and hold the materials and pull between them. When the correct depth is reached, the screw head will stop the screw. In Malaysia, most screws are made of stainless steel so they won’t break easily. The screws are solid, but easy to remove. They rarely relax and have a wide range of styles. However, it is difficult to cover the screw heads and can be removed in some cases. The material can be pulled off at some point with a screw.

Bolts and nuts

Screws are a common alternative fastener when nails are not available and the screws are not durable enough. Although nuts are small items that are often used, these two fasteners are usually used together to provide excellent safety and load bearing capacity. Basically, washers are used under the screw heads to add additional holding power. Lock washers or nuts are also used to prevent the nuts from loosening or falling. Malaysians have always used bolts and nuts. They are quickly removed and are available in different sizes. However, they need to be pre-drilled for placement and will require many tools to tighten them.


Many types of anchors are used, including wood, metal, concrete, mortar, tiles, bricks and stones. All of these are used on different types of walls. Losing bolts is ideal for solids such as concrete and bricks, but can be difficult if the bricks are holes. Forward bolts are ideal for fixing concrete and steel, and hook bolts are ideal for bricks, concrete and blocks.

Where can I get fasteners?

You can also search by standard bolt Sdn. Bhd. is a major fasteners supplier in Malaysia. Various fasteners are available from stock, including the fasteners listed above, and can be ordered. If you would like to talk about these items or how they can help your app, please call us.

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