As they say, travelling is a journey into oneself. Travelling is an exciting experience as you seek out places you’ve never been to and experience life from another person’s perspective. It is a deeply enriching experience to nourish the soul. However, travelling internationally can also be intimidating for the uninitiated traveller. Here are some international travel tips that will definitely be helpful!

Access to your money

Regardless of where you travel to, having access to your available money is very important. You should check with your bank if they have any international fees and if that bank is accessible in the country you are going to visit. See if your bank cards are accepted if that country so that you can make withdrawals accordingly. If you have multiple cards, it’s a good idea to leave one in your hotel safe so that you still have a backup if your wallet gets stolen.

Book in advance

Getting everything booked and prepared is essential for a hassle-free trip. Flight tickets tend to get more expensive the closer it is to the departure date. Hotels also usually offer early-bird promotions for you to get the best deals. Besides, you would not want to worry about getting a decent place to sleep when you arrive at your destination.

Data roaming

Having access to mobile roaming data is not about just logging in to your social media. It is a great way for you to remain connected even when in a foreign country. Many telcos provide data roaming services and check if yours is available or not. On the other hand, you can always sign-up for pocket wi-fi dongles that are available at airports.

Book a car

Better yet, get a driver as well. Booking a car means that you do not have to worry about getting around. Most travel destinations offer car booking options. By having your own rental car, you can travel around at your own leisure not having to worry about catching the bus or train. If you managed to get a local driver, he or she could even show you hidden gems of the city. Just a side note, check if your driving license allows you to drive in that country if you plan on taking the wheel personally.


Picking up a new language is never a bad thing. In fact, picking up some useful phrases and words can be helpful when you go travelling. Simple phrases such as asking for directions and greetings can go a long way in enhancing your travel experience.

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